Monday, July 30, 2012

a few days with the Mouse

We are just about packed up and ready for our little family vacation. We head up to Disneyland early in the morning. We are spending the next day at California Adventure, then spending one more night and taking our time leaving the next morning.

I know this is our first official vacation as a family of 5 (which we have been for 3.5 years). It may be our first vacation since having more than one child. When you live in a vacation destination, and your kids are little and need naps and a good nights sleep, cramming into a hotel room just doesn't sound fun. But we have been in no-nap land for a few months now and it's finally time.

Plus you know, we were blessed with the tickets and 1 night in a hotel. Money is always an issue in vacations too!

The girls are so excited. We had to make a paper link chain a few weeks ago to help them count down. Although Gracie (5) kept calling it a "keychain." Not only are they excited about Disneyland, but also about staying in a hotel. I'm not sure what they are expecting and we won't be ordered room service, but hopefully it will be memorable. I haven't mentioned to them that the hotel has a small waterpark too.

Gracie "packed" her suitcase by herself earlier tonight. It was 3/4 full of stuffed animals, toys and blankets. She had two outfits and two pairs of pajamas and that was it! Who needs anything else when you are going to the happiest place on earth.

We went to Disneyland a little over two years ago when Miss Rose and Gracie were 6 and 3. Would you believe I didn't write a post on our trip? Nor did I upload any pictures of it to Facebook. AND I recently archived photos from my computer to an external drive an OF COURSE that was the last month that I archived. So I have nothing to show you.

Gracie doesn't remember much about that trip in 2010. I have no doubt that Lily will remember this trip though. Gracie and Lily are "princess" girls and may pee their pants when they see the princesses around the park. We've promised them all they can get a few souvenirs as well.

I'm hoping to convince them all to ride as many rides as possible. Miss Rose will be pretty adventurous and I think Lily will too--Gracie is the one who may be most hesitant.

Above all, Bean and I are looking forward to family time and memories made. It may be hot and crowded, but we are all their together and that's what matters.

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