Monday, July 9, 2012

summer 2012 family journal part 1

Someday I will get my blog printed as part of our family's history. And I think this is going to be a summer to remember, so I want to be sure and record it here.

It's not just the kids who have all the fun! At the beginning of June my middle sister & I went up to our little sister's longtime roommates wedding. I think they were roommates for 7 years.  We had some great sister time there. I love how close my sisters and I are and I pray that my daughters are too. We had our rough years when we were younger, but since adulthood we have been very close. (we have a cool brother too that we are close to also!)

My parents were there also. I think my mom looks pretty good for 62. My sisters and I hope we have her genes for lack of aging in looks!

One of the highlights of the wedding: the story of the bride and groom, told by the groomsman using Sunday School flannel-graph. It was incredible. And of course it ended with baby Jesus in the manger.

The bride had pockets in her dress. LOVE.

My little sisters! (Funky light, iPhone camera)

Us three! No, we aren't throwing up gang signs. We just happen to have all lived on the 2nd floor of the same dorm our freshman year.  I was also an R.A. on that floor. WT2 for life. So, maybe it is a gang sign.

The three sisters I birthed. They really do love each other.  That makes my heart explode.