Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the work of summer

I never knew how tiring having fun was. Well, in some ways I did, because don't we all need a vacation after our vacation? But giving my kids the summer of their lives--is exhausting. I work-work-work all to make sure we can have fun, while not having the house in shambles all the time. Bean is all for us having fun, but he wouldn't be so down with a house that was a disaster.

This week? Monday, I think we hung out at home all day. It was glorious. Tuesday we went to a dollar movie and brought a couple friends too, who came and played for a while. When we are home, I'm in constant project mode. I've shredded a lot of documents this week and organized in the midst of keeping up with laundry and dishes.

Today we checked out a bunny I found on craigslist--and brought him home. Headed north 20 minutes to visit my Grandma and have lunch with her in her retirement center. It's kinda swanky and the finest dining my kids have experienced. Lily broke a glass. Serious. I could hardly sit and eat because I kept having to get up and get the kids food since only Miss Rose could reach the buffets.

We then rushed to Grammie's house for a quick swim. On the way we got stuck in the middle of a funeral procession, on the freeway, part of which is only 2 lanes, that consisted of 100 motorcycles. It was maddening!

After our swim we hurried home because Miss Rose was getting picked up and a baby was being dropped off for me to watch. I'm getting a baby fix lately with my friend's foster baby. Unfortunately it doesn't make me want another baby any less. Although I'm sure it affirms Bean's desire for no more children.

Tomorrow we will spend 5 hours at the beach. Then my best friend from college and her 1 year old daughter are coming into town for a few days. Friday we will go to a local Splash park.

I'll get up early in the morning and hopefully exercise before cleaning the house up in the midst of getting kids & food ready for the beach. I love the beach. But let's not talk about the clean-up involved after. Thankfully Bean appreciates a clean van and is always more than happy to vacuum out our sandy remains.

That's how most days are. I work to get us ready, we go have fun, then I work to clean up.

I'm not complaining though, because it's the best kind of work. My heart is so content and full these days. I'm satisfied with this work. Anxiety and worry creep in, wondering how exactly the bills will be paid these next few years but I know that I serve a living God and I know that we are following Him and we have nothing to fear.  He will help us slay our giants.

The best place to be, is often the scariest as well.