Tuesday, August 7, 2012

disneyland: pictures are worth thousands of words

Pictures speak a thousand words, so instead of a long minute-by-minute recap of our two days at Disneyland, I think the pictures are much more fun!  Here's some highlights, with a few words.

From right to left:
the princess castle was very popular with the little girls
Canoe ride. Chosen by Miss Rose. Bean refused. Didn't want to sweat. 
Miss Rose said it was her first and last time canoeing. 
The girls & I got stuck on the river rapids ride at cali adventure. 
But we got 2 fastpasses out of it for 6 people each.
Daddy & Gracie on Small World
Daddy & girls getting ready to enter the Happiest Place On Earth
Gracie not happy that I dragged her on the river ride, then we got stuck
Going in to Cali adventure
Gracie with the gorilla at Rain Forest Cafe. Her new BFF
Lily actually enjoying it's a small world. After we dragged her on it.
The Orange County dwelling auntie got to join us at dinner 
Miss Rose mad she missed the final drop on the river ride (but she rode it 2x later)

Oh the faces of Lily. Who was a little overwhelmed by it all. 
Kept telling us "I'll wait right here".
I confess, I dragged her on rides screaming. 
Which she usually enjoyed once they got started.
She may not be coming with us for our third day.
She did like the Ladybugs and Bumper Cars in Bugs Land.
And the carousel, despite the face in the above photo.

Carsland! SO FUN. Especially at night. 
Which is when our fastpasses were for, even though Bean was in line before 8am.
Gracie rode with us.
Miss Rose rode with friends.
Lily did NOT ride.
Hey Bean, I took a really cool pic of you & the girls with Radiator Springs in the background.
Oh. You took a picture of me & the girls and the street. Awesome.

Lily, ready for some bumper car action
A great family photo. Oh wait, Miss Rose isn't smiling. It's always one.
Gracie & friends!
On the way home. Major Disneyland hangovers. Gracie watching a movie in her sunglasses. Lily almost knocked out (she fell asleep just after this photo)
And later, Miss Rose even fell asleep.
Mohawk Mickey. The perfect hat for my girl.

It really was a wonderful trip. 
We shared it with some great friends too, which Miss Rose especially loved because her best buds were there to hang with and ride the rides. And we had our family time too.
We are so grateful for the gifts that made it possible for us to have this experience as a family.