Thursday, August 30, 2012

pass the coffee {nursing school week 1}

Things I've learned, observed and experienced during my first week of nursing school.

In list format.  Because why not.

1. Commuting 6 hours in 3 days is tiring

2. Singing keeps me awake better than podcasts while driving

3. The two nights I get home past 9pm, I should probably just get straight in bed and unwind and go to sleep.

4. I wish we had a TV in our bedroom though. (no dear husband, this is not license to go purchase one)

5. Nutrition should be pretty easy, considering the textbook is the same as a lower division nutrition class I took a few years ago.

6. The ethics professor has spent far too much time developing a "Big Grid" of assignments, so everyone is turning in different work each week. I don't understand why.

7. Culture & Medicine will probably be the most interesting for me because I'm interested in natural healing and the professor lives in Mexico and spent a lot of time studying regular and medical anthropology in areas I'm familiar with. And inside I'm a Mexicana.

8. My husband rocks because on the two nights I'm at school he's shuttling kids to soccer practices, which also means they need baths after. I would be lost without his support.

9. I'm crazy. But there is one other crazy chick in my cohort. And we sat next to each other randomly. She has three kids too. There seems to be only one other person in the program with a child.

10. I've wondered why I ended up in the cohort that requires an hour drive each day, but maybe it's because this other mom and I will be great encouragement to one another.

11. I see students further into the program in their scrubs, everyone chatting and bonded and I get excited. I will be there before I know it.

12. Thursdays will still be my favorite. And when I'm most tired. I'm thankful to have a chunk of days I don't have to drive and go to class.

13. I told Lily she was going to do "school" with me this year. I need to find some preschool curriculum for her!

14. I am blessed.

15. I am trusting God.

16. I am thankful.