Thursday, August 2, 2012

we all have hangovers

We had so much fun at Disneyland.

Exhausting fun.

Our kids survived 16+ hour days like champs.

Which makes sleeping 2 and 3 to a hotel bed not an issue because everyone is so tired.  Except for Bean last night who got nailed a few times by LilyBug

Driving home today the girls had Disneyland Hangovers.

Gracie even had her "hangover glasses" on.  Lily wasn't asleep in this photo (just looking down) but she did fall asleep 15 minutes later. Gracie is intently watching a movie, not mad.

And then a while later, the hangover claimed Miss Rose too and she crashed out in the back seat. 

I may have even dozed off the last 30 minutes of our drive. No I wasn't driving! 

It is good to be home and everyone was in bed on time, in their own beds. Bean has tomorrow off too, so we will enjoy a slow day, getting back in the groove of things. 

We are so thankful we got to have this experience together. It was a successful vacation as a family of 5!