Sunday, August 19, 2012

wrapping up summer

The summer has flown by, but I have cherished every moment. I start school in one week and Miss Rose and Gracie start in two weeks. I can't believe it's here, but we are ready.

This time with my girls has been so wonderful. I think they have really benefitted from having me home and with them for the past three months. While they aren't perfect and still have their moments, their behavior has been good and meltdowns have been few and far between (especially for Miss Rose). I am hoping that since I will still be home more even once I start school, this will continue. Kids need a parent as much as possible and I'm thankful to be making some changes to hopefully allow me more time with them than I've had in the past. Mama's need their babies too.

We've been to the beach and bay so many times this summer. And Lily is swimming really well. This is the youngest any of my kids have actually swam, but she is quite motivated to keep up with her sisters. And plenty of opportunities in the pool helps also. Last week at the beach Lily was the bravest she's been and was in water up to her hips and would even sit down in the water in between waves.

This coming week we will be at the beach at least one more time. We have been enjoying the $1 summer movies also and the last one shows Tuesday and Wednesday. Sea World may also be in order. We are going squeeze out every last bit of summer we can.

The next two summers I will be in school, carrying a full load. I should still have time with the kids but we won't be as footloose and fancy free as we are this summer.

It's a beautiful thing to be facing the next transition and feel peace and readiness. Summer has been wonderful, but routine and working towards my goals will be fantastic too. I am so thankful for God's blessings and guidance in these decisions. There have been (and still are) plenty of moments of anxiety and questioning, but I know I am right where He wants me to be.  And that's the best place to be.