Tuesday, September 4, 2012

purple squares

It's Tuesday morning, the day after Labor Day. We dropped off TWO kids at school this morning. I'm not sure why, but I felt a little more anxious about leaving Gracie at Kindergarten then I did Miss Rose. Miss Rose cried on her first day though, Gracie did not. I guess it's because Gracie is a little more reserved and doesn't show a lot of emotion (kinda like me). She saves it up and it pours out when tipped over. I was never concerned that Miss Rose wouldn't know what to do. She is a rule follower and isn't afraid to ask questions. Gracie goes with the flow and doesn't always pay as close of attention. She likes to be in her own world.

The first words out of her mouth this morning were "I don't want to go to school." But then she became intrigued with the idea of a treat in her lunch and we heard no more complaints. We did laps around the school, finding Miss Rose's new classroom, seeing our next-door neighbor's and finding my nephew who is starting kindergarten as well. Gracie seemed a little overwhelmed, but I had prepared her that parents don't go into the classroom, we just hug and kiss her at the door. She entered the class and a breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that there were purple squares on the carpet. Last night when I explained the routine to her and said there were colored carpet squares to sit on, she said she hoped there was purple. Sure enough, she plopped down on the a purple square without hardly looking at me, although her face a bit drawn.

I know Gracie will have a blast. I'm thankful she'll see her next-door-neighbor-best-friend and cousin at recess and lunch. And Miss Rose is in third grade and she pretty much knows all things about school. She was bummed to not have any of her good friends in her class, but she did get the teacher she wanted, who reportedly lets the kids play dodgeball. This is the third teacher now she's had in common with her big cousin who also attended the elementary school and started high school today.

Bean took the day off to be there this morning and then to pick the girls up from school since I have to leave for class before they are done. I wanted one of us to be there for pick-up their first day. He's off with Lily running errands and shopping at Costco at 10am with all the elderly.

I've been studying and enjoying a little quiet. And taking a blogging break!  Today feels weird. Not just because Gracie is now in school, but every other Tuesday for the last four years, we've done the first day of school routine and then I headed in to my office for our weekly staff meeting.

But this Tuesday, we got a coffee for me, donut holes for Bean and Lily and drove home. I am missing the community of our staff, although I know I will soon have new community in nursing school. The summer was a blast and so much fun. I truly have one of the best tans of my adulthood. I am thankful to have my mornings with Lily, to study and take care of other life things. This semester is an ease-into-nursing-school, but I know it's going to get harder.

I'll find my purple square on the carpet too.