Thursday, October 4, 2012

31: No poo + a little honey

Last night I wasn't home, so I didn't end up posting. So today you get two quick tips instead of 1!

First tip is: get rid of your shampoo!! Did you know the main ingredient in shampoos and soaps that makes them "suds" is sulfate? And sulfate is very drying! We have been programmed to think "the more bubbles, the cleaner I'm getting." But in fact, the more bubbles, the dryer your hair may become.

Several years ago I read Curly Girl and was surprised to learn this little secret about shampoo. By nature, most curly hair is dry, so regular shampoo is a big no-no. The book talks about a "no-poo" method that involves "washing" with conditioner (that also is sulfate free if possible) or sulfate-free shampoo.

Even if you don't have curly hair, you may find this information useful. I have used a few different sulfate-free shampoos. I think even some basic brands of shampoo are coming out with sulfate-free versions. I know I've seen them on the shelf, but I don't remember which brand. If you think about it, our hair doesn't get that dirty and most hair products are water soluble.

I use sulfate-free shampoo maybe once a week. I do break down and use a dandruff shampoo from time to time because I get dry scalp that flakes. (If I have time, I make an exfoliant with brown sugar and shampoo and rub it into the dry spots in my scalp and this works really well too.)  When I wash my hair, it's typically with Suave Naturals Conditioner.

I also use this product on my kids hair. I hardly EVER use shampoo on their hair. Unless maybe it's full of sand.

And now, your next tip.


It's like food for your hair. Full of vitamins, minerals and adds moisture to your hair. My sister actually uses honey to wash her face.

So what you do, is keep a cup in your shower. And a jar of honey. Make sure it's real honey, not honey colored fructose syrup.  Fill up the cup with warm water from the shower and put a squirt or two of honey in it. Stir it up a bit with the handle of your razor.

At the end of your shower, pour the warm honey water on your clean and rinsed hair. I usually pour a little bit over the top of my head, then flip my hair down and pour the rest over that way.

Someday I'll do a whole series on curly hair! I do a lot of funny things. But it works. Especially since carrying and nursing three babies sucked the life out of my hair!

And there you have it.