Monday, February 18, 2013

38 reasons I love YOU!

38 reasons I love my husband on his 38th birthday. In no particular order. Especially since I typed this while multi-tasking in class. (shhh...don't tell my prof's. My hubs is worth it)

  1. He got up at 6am, on his birthday, to put gas in the van before I went to school this morning
  2. Speaking of, I rarely put gas in our vehicles. He almost always does it.
  3. He's hanging out with our three girlies all day on his birthday. No work or school for them. But I'm at school for 12+ hours.
  4. Three days a week, he's the primary parent while I'm at school. In our 9 years of being parents, I've always had the most flexibility with my jobs and been the "on-call" parent. THis is new, and not always easy, but he puts 110% into being there for our kids, which is incredible.
  5. He serves those he loves in every way he can find.
  6. Many nights, when a kidlet calls out, he's the first one out of bed to check on them. (I kinda think this is ok since I spent over 3 years total nursing at night, but still I'm very thankful.)
  7. He lays his clothes out in the living room at night, since he's getting dressed at 5am in the morning, in order to not wake me up.
  8. If I even mention a food craving, he's already at the store buying it. And I'm not even pregnant!
  9. He keeps our minivan impeccably clean. He washes it at least twice a month, usually more. And he vacuums it weekly. Sometimes I tease him for it, but I am truly appreciative.
  10. He has been known to wash or vacuum a vehicle of a sister or sister-in-law who happen to be out our house long enough for him to do it.
  11. He maintains our cars wonderfully. I get annoyed sometimes because it seems like he's always taking a vehicle in for something, but realistically this keeps our cars running well and keeps us safe. His minimalist mentality extends to the use of his iphone...but of the few things he uses it for is to track vehicle maintenance in the Notes.
  12. He helps my sisters maintain their vehicles.
  13. His incredible body heat keeps me warm every night. I am usually freezing when I get in bed, but within a few hours I'm toasty. He also doesn't like to run the heater at night because it makes him too hot. So he has to keep me warm!
  14. He puts up with my running and races! And he even ran a half marathon with me last year. He may never run one again. But he did it once!
  15. He is a faithful son and son-in-law. He serves his mom and my parents in beautiful ways.
  16. He is a hands on dad. He wrestles with our girls, carries them, cuddles them and gives them tickle baths.
  17. He carries our 9-year-old to bed EVERY night. At her request. It usually involves some crazy position she wants to be carried in. And then she wants to be dropped, often multiple times, onto her bed.  Did I mention she weighs 90lbs? But he says he will carry her until she stops asking.
  18. We buy rice in bulk and keep it in a particular container. He has an uncanny ability to do what he calls the "perfect pour." He buys the perfect amount of rice in the bulk bag to fit into our container. No weighing. No measuring. Just scooping the perfect pour into the bag.
  19. He also has the uncanny ability to know exactly when the washer or dryer is done cycling. He also never forgets when he's started a load of laundry. I start a load and remember 5 hours later, or maybe even the next day, to switch it to the dryer. 
  20. He does his own laundry, and often towels and the kids laundry as needed too. He'd do mine if I asked--but he has a tendency to throw darks and lights together and dries things that should be air dried. Hey, he is a man after all. 
  21. I'm pretty sure he could win a grilling contest. He grills the BEST chicken and steak. Never dry. Always perfectly cooked. Gas or charcoal, he can grill it to perfection 
  22. He doesn't drink coffee, but he buys me Starbucks all the time. And he has been known to deliver it to others too.
  23. Everyone loves him. Seriously. They do. I'm so lucky to be married to him. Sometimes I think that some of my lifelong friends love him more now than they love me. (not really...but they do love him!)
  24. He loves God and serves him. He's honest about his shortcomings, but he is always looking to grow in his faith and how he leads our family.
  25. 11+ years, 3 kids and the sparks still fly!!
  26. He is supporting me 100% in going to nursing school and changing my career at age 35. Even though I have two degrees already. And he desires to continue his education. He had to withdraw from a class this semester to accommodate my schedule and the kids' needs.
  27. He lets me tweet things he says
  28. He lets me tell just about any story about him to anyone. He's gaining some notoriety in my nursing lab group due to the stories I find myself telling.  Whoops.
  29. He runs almost all of our family errands. He picks up medications. He goes to the grocery store and Costco. He will even buy me tampons.He spoils me. If I express a need, he finds a way to fill it. Even giving up things for himself.
  30. He still likes being with me. Hanging out. Talking. Cuddling. Holding my hand.
  31. He has an incredible ability to support friends and family, without getting over-involved. I am constantly learning from him in this area.
  32. He is a minimalist. Which is a great balance to my tendency to keep things "just in case". He calls it hoarding, but I think that's a bit strong,
  33. Although he is of Hispanic decent, that wasn't a great influencer in his life. BUT he found his inner Mexican when we moved into our house and had a lawn and yard to take care of. He keeps our grass neat and tidy! In his dreams, he can re-sod everything. The man will pull over to inspect the grass of an impeccable lawn.
  34. When we got married he drove a fairly new truck. I drove a basic Saturn sedan. Fast forward a few years and we upgraded to a Honda CRV, which required him trading in his truck. The Saturn is still trucking along, with some major monetary injections of course. The a/c won't hold a charge, the radio stopped working recently, it tends to run hot and the seats are super uncomfortable. The interior is dark and on hot days it heats up like you wouldn't believe. The car will make you sweat. Yet he drives it daily. Somedy babe...when I'm done with nursing school...we'll upgrade you to a Civic or something. HA!!
  35. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He is doing the work of 3 people in his job, and has been for some time. AND he tries to churn out the work of three people in a day.
  36. If I say "can you try to get this done", 99% chance he will get it done.
  37. He loves me. 
  38. In spite of my weird eating habits and "diet" fads. Even though I "hoard" and never remember to change my laundry. And when I put my frigid feet on his warm legs at night. And when I decide to change careers at 35. And when I have "nervous breakdowns" due to stress. And when I do very little around the house on a day I'm tired from school and need to just hang out with Lily. When I get mad at him for being stressed. When I tell him how to parent. In spite of all my faults and weaknesses, and the flawed ways I try to love and serve him. He loves me.

        Happy Birthday Bean!! I love you with all of my heart, forever and ever.

(and a bunch of pics for you at the end because I can't get them to go in the text)

        Check out that grass!