Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bye bye bump {another kid...another surgery}

My brother, sisters and I rarely visited the doctor as kids. My mom says we got our regular vaccinations and had some of our annual check-ups. I don't remember getting colds or infections requiring antibiotics. None of us had any odd medical issues. A few broken bones and stitches required but that's just kid stuff.

I missed out on that luck with my kids. In typical mom fashion, I want to discover some way I've failed that has caused the numerous infections and medical anomalies we've dealt with. Poor Miss Rose has terrible hay fever and seasonal allergies, just like her dad. When they linger, they turn into sinus infections which often need antibiotics to be treated. I wait as long as possible, but I hate when my girl is miserable. I'm cautiously hopeful that Miss Rose is growing out of the sinus infections because she had fewer last year than the year before.

Then there is Lilybug and her fever monster. I am SO thankful that we finally got a diagnosis for her month fevers and that the removal of her tonsils eliminated the fevers. Last month Lily had the flu, and her first fever in a year. It was fascinating to me that Lily began telling me she was sick and "I think I have a fever" several hours before her fever actually developed. Her little body has experienced so many fevers already in her life, she knows what one coming on feels like.

I would like to blame both these issues on my husband because he has bad allergies and even required allergy shots as a kid, and he had his tonsils removed at 7 for recurring tonsilitis and my nephew (his brother's son) was also diagnosed with Fever Syndrome and had his tonsils out at at 3. But it's not the hubs fault that he seems to carry these things in his genes.

{warning...kinda graphic medical photo ahead}

What I don't know is where THIS came from.

{summer 2011}

Which a few days later became this...

(Friends, I looked and I hadn't shared this photo before on my blog. The skin became so taught that it opened up and began to drain. Gross and yet medically awesome.)

And then it scabbed over, but continued to decrease in swelling.

It got SO much better. But it never went away completely. She still gets clogged oil glands, but I catch them quickly now and they go away in several days with diligent warm compresses. Flaxseed oil and washing her eyes with baby wash help with prevention. This one that got so infected and swollen is a constant bump under her eye. It ebbs and flows in size. 

Finally, at her last eye exam the doctor confirmed it will NOT go away on it's own. It is too large, still. He said it isn't causing any damage and doesn't affect her vision, but if we wanted him to remove it, we could make that request and it really was up to us.

Bean and I contemplated this quite a bit. The main reason being, this procedure is considered out-patient surgery. Due to her age and the nature of the procedure, she requires general anesthesia. They will go in from the inside of her bottom eyelid, make an incision and clean out the gland. It is only supposed to take 15 minutes. But you can imagine how traumatizing it would be for a child to experience while awake

It some ways it's elective and part of the motivation is cosmetic. I don't want her to look back her her childhood pictures wondering why she always had a bump under her eye.

You can't see perfectly in this photo, but if you look closely the right eye is red along the bottom and slightly swollen.

Gracie has been expressing a desire for her "bump" to be gone and sometimes she includes it in her bedtime prayers. 

So we decided to do it. I finally called the doctor last Monday and then got a call on Friday that there was a cancellation and she could be scheduled quickly.

Tomorrow in the late morning, the bump will be gone! Hopefully to never return. 

Of course the idea of my child going under general anesthesia is a little daunting. When Lily had her tonsils out, she wasn't even 3 yet and everything was adventure for the most part. Gracie will be 6 in a few weeks and will be much more aware of every little thing.  I'm hoping her recovery is quick and easy and that she's back at school on Friday.

Could we please stop with the surgeries though? Can my kids get healthy and not have these freak medical issues? I AM thankful this is very minor and somewhat elective. Lily's fevers were scary and had much more effect on our lives.

I am thankful for good health insurance and a husband who works hard in a job that provides it. 

Everyone wave with me now...

Bye bye bump!