Friday, May 17, 2013

the latest and the greatest

I am almost a week in to my brief, three-week break between Spring and Summer semesters. The nursing program I'm in is accelerated, which means we go through two summers AND this summer happens to be 15 units in 10 weeks.

I've been petitioning on Facebook for a full-time nanny and maid, willing to work without pay! HA!! It's going to be an interesting summer. But currently I am 1/3 done with the program and after the summer I will be 1/2 done and it's all downhill from there, right?!

I absolutely love being in nursing school. I love what I'm learning and how I will get to use it. There are days I am sad that I wasn't a lifelong pastor. That position is so rewarding too. Even though when I started that journey, I knew deep inside it would probably be a long season, but just a season, it's still difficult at times. But I am 100% confident that God has me in this new season, on a new journey for reasons that are yet unknown to me. I am excited to see how he will use my new career.

Ministry will always be there. I can't be very involved right now with my schedule, but once I am done with school and in the workforce again, I will be able to do so much more on a volunteer basis and that is excited. However, I was recently added to the worship team rotation at our church. I sang last Saturday night for the first time and it was such a privilege. Growing up, I loved to sing and finally in college I had the opportunity to be on a worship team for the first time. It shaped so much of who I am today and being a part of worship is vital to my soul! It was a new experience, singing background vocals instead of leading, but I really enjoyed being there to worship without the pressure of being in charge. I'm also in a Life Group (small group) for the first time and really benefitting from it. I'm learning to sit back and soak it in and not feel like I need to answer every question or have a response to everything--even though as a former pastor, I do.

The support of my family and friends through this season has been incredible. From my husband altering his schedule time and again, to friends and family helping with watching the kids, and being able to spend the night at a friend's who lives close to my school---every success I have, is credited to them, as much as me. I couldn't be in school or study without them. It takes a village to send mom to nursing school, and I am thankful for the little village that surrounds me.

Last summer was the summer of fun. It was the first time in my career life and in motherhood that  I wasn't working at all, for a significant amount of time--not related to having a baby. The kids and I were in the sand at least once a week, went to Sea World numerous times and many pools. This summer will look a little different, since I'll be in school 4 days a week and we will again be depending on the generosity of our village to help care for them. Although the kids may grumble some, I hope and pray that down the road they will look back and see the sacrifices we made as a family, and how it was worth it in the end. That's an important life lesson for them.

We are seeing God provide and answer prayer, which helps us know even though the path is difficult at times, we are on the right one.

I'm off to get ready for a wedding now! Looking forward to a night spent with my sisters and my hot Mexican husband.

Life is good.