Friday, August 30, 2013

summer in pictures

This summer has been drastically different than last year. I had just resigned from my job and took the summer "off" before starting nursing school. I've always been a working mom and it was the first extended period of time I've had where being a mom was the only thing I had to do. (I am of the belief that ALL moms are full-time moms, whether you work or not).

I dubbed it the "summer of fun." I think we went to the beach or bay almost weekly. We went to the $1 kid movies, swam a lot and did as many fun things as we possibly could. And let's not forget spending two days at Disneyland. Which spoiled my children and they ask constantly when we can go again.

This summer though, was the most intense of my nursing school program. I was gone 40+ hrs a week and spend 2 nights a week away from home. We have an awesome babysitter/nanny and great family that took care of the kids. And I have an amazing husband who is an incredible father and did a lot of solo parenting this summer.

In spite of the difference between the summers, I think my kid still had a pretty good summer.

Don't you put your blow up pool in the front yard? 

6yr old cousins losing teeth! 

 And the slip 'n slide goes in the front too, right? (in our defense...our backyard is concrete only...our grass is only in the front!)

Kids bowl free!! 

 Sparklers make the 4th of July extra special 

 It is both a blessing and a curse that a delicious ice cream shop is a 5 minute walk from our house. The kids are great at talking grandparents and babysitters into taking them there!

 Miss Rose placed Rec Center basketball this summer and LOVED it.

Mama and Lily trip to Sea World while big sisters were at VBS

Fun with neighbors

We still found a few Mondays to make it to the sea.

 Grammy's pool is always a favorite.

For me, the highlight of the summer was Miss Rose getting baptized along with over 200 others from our church. (photo with our pastor)

I was so proud of her for making this decision. She really took it to heart and the smile on her face after she came up out of the water will be imprinted in my mind always.

The Lord provided and we finished off the summer (the day before my classes started) with a trip to the new Sea World water park in town. We got there just after it opened and stayed until closing. The kids were the perfect age for it and I'm hoping we can save up and buy passes for next summer.

School starts on Tuesday for the kids. Another summer in the books.