Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 days: day 2 of whole food

A quick post before I go to sleep. Today was interesting...a learning experience. 

I learned that I did not do a good job of weaning from coffee. Today's headache was almost as bad as yesterday. But I was in the hospital needing to focus on patient care and learning. 

So my wise sister suggested I not try to be superwoman and drink a little coffee. After all, coffee is actually allowed, I'm just wanting a total reset. 

I drank a half cup of coffee and within 30 minutes my headache was gone. However the cream in my coffee was not Whole 30 compliant. But I just can't do black. 

My plan is still to get off coffee this month, just more slowly. I did go 36 hours without it. So maybe it will be a few days before I need it again. 

I also learned that my stomach isn't a fan of chemicals. Or processed dried fruit. I forgot my afternoon snack so I bought a nut & dried fruit mix. Again, not 100% compliant but in my quest for health I also have to respect my life. Which is crazy. It was my best option for some fat, protein & carbs. In retrospect, I should have just bought a banana. 

Almost instantly my stomach started hurting. And now 6 hours later its still not normal. I skipped dinner & just drank some bone broth. 

No more forgotten snacks!