Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 days: days 3-5 of Whole Food

I knew I couldn't keep up with everyday posting, but this 31 days challenge still helps me stay on track in my goals and blogging more than I have been. 

So, days 3-5 have been ok. I haven't felt great, but I haven't felt terrible. I think there is some detox going on, some readjusting of my stomach. Which is the goal here. But it can be discouraging to not feel good, even though I'm eating well.

And I'd kill for some coffee and a piece of chocolate.

But, I digress.

I need to do a little more prep for the next week (than I did last week). My biggest challenge is usually green veggies. I can grab leftovers or make a quick meal, but unless we are sitting down to dinner as a family, I don't often have or make the time to prepare veggies. So this week I need to do it in advance. 

After my half cup of coffee on Wednesday, I think I've made it through the caffeine withdrawls. I did have a half cup of decaf on Thursday--knowing that decaf still has a little caffeine and hoping that would help with weaning as well. I had a slight headache the latter part of yesterday that probably would have gone away with caffeine--but it wasn't bad enough to truly need it.

Tomorrow is my 12th anniversary, and I will probably be eating something that's not Whole30. But my goal is not perfection. My goal is to heal my gut and enjoy life. And enjoying a meal with my husband on our anniversary is part of enjoying life and so I'm going to do it. It may be a bit of a setback in the healing process, but I'm okay with that.

Off to check on the blogs of a few of you who have commented you are doing the same!