Sunday, November 17, 2013

nursing school update: over halfway there

I am over halfway done with nursing school now. In fact, the countdown is on and it is less than 9 months before I graduate. I think I have senioritis.

My post on the start of nursing school is one of the most viewed on my blog. Probably by people who search "nursing school". I figured it would be fun to do another update.

I love nursing school. But it's hecka hard. I'm doing well, but I'm also putting an incredible amount of time and energy into it. I am sure part of the difficulty is due to the accelerated program I'm in. The content itself isn't always difficult, it's just the quantity we need to learn. On top of lots of writing assignments and group projects.

This semester I finally started my first IV (and I've had a few failed attempts to) and inserted a few foley catheters. Yes, these are the exciting things nursing students want to check off their list. A few years into my career, I will be able to do these skills in my sleep. But right now, they are what makes me feel like a nurse.

I am so impressed and at times in awe of the responsibility nurses have, especially in the care of hospital patients. The doctor will come in once, maybe twice in a day. But it's up to a nurse to notice trends in the patient's condition that may indicate they are developing complications or current treatments aren't working. Then they call the doctor and usually make suggestions on what they think the doctor should do about the situation.

Did you know that when a baby is born, if it is healthy, the nurse is the one responsible for assessing the baby and providing care until the pediatrician does rounds--which may not be until the next day? It's all about the nurse.

I have so much to learn, so much to become skilled at. But I cannot wait to be a nurse and do these things on my own. It is very fulfilling.

This semester (Fall) has been so much more manageable than the summer was. I've still had to commute 1 hour twice a week, but the other two days my commute is only 30 minutes. I have a real advantage in my Obstetrics class since I've had three children; I am familiar with almost all of the content and don't have to study much.

I can actually spend time with my family on the weekends (which really means soccer & baseball games) without feeling guilty that I should be studying or doing assignments. Next semester I have fewer units which will hopefully mean it's even more manageable.

The hard parts? Lack of quality time with my husband. Because when the kids are asleep--I'm studying. He has read more books and watched more Netflix on his own than he ever imagined.

Also, it's really hard not making money and feeling really broke. It's amazing how many needs become wants when push comes to shove. I'm wearing the same clothes I've had for two years now. I wear my running shoes for months longer than I probably should. Same for Bean. We have to say no, and wait to the kids a lot--but this is  a good learning experience for them. And for us. I've been working a lot on the  sin of coveting. For real.

Our winter break is 5 weeks, which will be amazing. We've had just 2 weeks off between semesters since January. I want to be productive in life and things around the house. But I want to rest and rejuvenate and enjoy my family completely too.

So, that's a bit about nursing school!