Sunday, February 9, 2014

some recent favorite pictures

This holiday season we didn't just have one but TWO family photo sessions with extended family. Lucky us.

I know looking back I will appreciate the chronicling of life and holidays. But currently it's a lot of work and sweat and tears and stress.

My kids are pretty cute though. And 12+ years later I still like my husband.

Here's some of my favorites.

Can you tell she was a little annoyed with me in this picture? Fake smile! But I still love it.

Feats of strength! He is fun.

My sister was in town and straightened Gracie's hair and she was so in love with it. 

 This girl. This smile. This cheesy face. I cannot handle how much I love her and the joy and life she brings to life and our family. Thank you Jesus for knowing we needed her and her sparkles.

 I miss when she wore her hair down. I only get to see it down after a shower. It's long and has great "beach-y" curls. But I love how this photo turned out because it captures a bit of her hair and her grin.

 The freckles. The green eyes. The hair. I just love her.

Sass-a-frass. When your little girl requests to wear a red sequin dress for holiday pictures, why say no? It's all her and shows the life she brings with her.

And a few more from shoot #2.

I love this capture of her eyes.

These are a few iPhone photos. Unfortunately we discovered this fabulous big door when the photographer and good camera had already gone ahead.

My sisters. We are so very different and yet quite alike as well. Exactly as my daughters are.

My family. My everything!