Monday, August 11, 2014

thoughts at 0400 {4am}

It's 4am and I'm struggling to stay awake. It's a slow, quiet night on the floor at the hospital where I am a nurse's aide/unit clerk. I'm supposed to knock on wood right now that all hell doesn't break loose in the next 3 hours before our shift is over. That's something I've learned in the several weeks I've worked here so far--don't ever say out loud that it's quiet or slow. Hopefully typing it doesn't count as out loud.

Busier nights make it easier to stay awake. In about an hour or so though, things should get a little more active, and that will help. Doctors often do rounds early, kids wake up early and parents stumble to the family room for coffee. I started out on the floor tonight, but the unit clerk had to leave early so I've been at the desk--which makes it harder to stay awake.

Hence the 4am blogging. Stay awake...stay awake. I'm not going to fall asleep sitting her, but I do get pretty delirious.

I made the mistake of eating gluten-free pizza for dinner tonight. The hubs offered it and I just couldn't resist. The truth is, the last few times I've eaten it, I've gotten pretty bad indigestion. But I haven't had it in months, so I thought I'd try again. FAIL. Having a gassy, bloated, crampy stomach while working the night shift isn't fun. It makes me sad that I can't even eat gluten free goodies.

Thankfully I can eat chocolate and ice cream without too much reaction. Now that I'm done with school I need to get serious about healing my gut so that I can enjoy the occasional gluten free food. I do believe that a gluten-free, mostly grain-free and nutrient diet is the best for our bodies and I will probably eat that way the rest of my life. But I do want to be able to indulge from time to time and I need to heal my gut.

Did ya catch that I'm done with school?!! The nursing school journey I started almost two years ago now is done! Well, mostly done. I still need to pass my boards and get an R.N. job, but the daily grind of school is over with and I am so thrilled. In my head I have some posts planned about the end of school and my pinning. Hopefully they will happen.

Things I am excited to focus on once again now that nursing school is done...
My kids need quality time with me and a lot less babysitters. They also need stricter discipline again!
Fitness...once again the summer semester KILLED my exercise habits. Exercise is my stress relief more than anything, and quality me time. The hubs is currently doing P90X3 and I've done several sessions with him. I want to continue this as I can, but add in some run days and hiking/trail runs once the kids are back in school.
My needs a BIG deep clean and purge. I would like to move out and then move back in again. We also desperately need a refreshing of so much in our home. All in due time...when I get that R.N. job!
Our menu....feeding a family of 5 isn't easy. Everyone has opinions and preferences. I haven't been able to menu plan or bargain shop at all. I am looking forward to finding new dinners to make and varying our meals.
Friends...I've had precious little time with friends in the past several months. The bit of free time I did have needed to go to my family and I just didn't feel right leaving again for girl time. But now I will have time again to get together with friends.

These are just a few things on my mental "to do" list.

But more than anything right now, I need refreshing and rest! In between family and work. But not having school is such a huge relief and will allow me the rest I need. A lot of this stuff will wait until the kids (all 3!) are in school again in 3 weeks. I'm in no rush, there is no hurry.

I'm loving my family and enjoying life. That's what matters right now.

Well, at 0430 what really matters is I wish it was 0730 and I was getting in bed. Can't come soon enough today!