Thursday, February 5, 2015

nightshifts, transitions and some Piyo

This week I'm working three night shifts in a row. A lot of the nurses I work with choose this schedule, but I've only done two in a row since I started working. As a nurse working three shifts in a row ensures you will have some of the same patients and when you work nights it's a little easier the second and third night since you slept during the day. I'm on night #2 and feeling pretty good thanks to 6.5 hours of sleep today.

In some ways, working nights is hard. But there are benefits to it as well. Such as I got to spend the whole afternoon with my kids before coming back to work. That to me is priceless. To survive working nights I always take a nap before my first night shift, even if it is just 1 hour. I have a sleep mask to trick my brain into thinking it's dark and I use a free app to provide white noise. I use the mask, sleep app as well as darkening curtains (actually an old brown sheet hung over the window--classy I know) when I sleep during the day. I always go straight to bed when I get home and 4 hour is my minimum. If I am working again the next night, I need 6+ hours. I eat really nutritiously (avoiding all the break room goodies) during my shift as well.

After next week, night shifts will be even better because I will be working as a R.N.! Currently I'm stuck to a computer and phone which causes drowsiness of course. As an R.N. I'll be much more on the move with various tasks to complete all night. After tonight I have just 4 shifts left as an assistant. Then I will have a week off (whoo-hoo!) before starting as an R.N. We start with a few days of classes and orientation and I'm waiting to find out when my first shift on the floor is.

Read to feel a little more settle, ready to have a bigger paycheck [even though way too much will be going to student loans], ready to have less stress in life. I am so thankful for this opportunity and what the future holds.

I miss running this week, but it was a good decision to take the week off. I'm anxiously anticipating when I run again...maybe Sunday? I borrowed Piyo from my sister in law who is a Beach Body coach and wow these workouts kick my butt! It's not intense cardio but you sweat and oh the sore! It's a combination of pilates and yoga. I like that it moves, you aren't holding poses for a long period of time and she puts a bunch of moves together. It's a great compliment to running and I could see myself using some of the workouts on easy run or rest days.

Now I'm off for a day of sleep before my 3rd night of work. Yikes!