Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday song: I Breathe You In, God

I am a firm believer that our attitude towards life determines much of our life. If we choose to cling to anger, bitterness and hurt, we will be angry, bitter and hurt. But if we choose to trust God, to surrender our emotions to him we will see his sovereignty and in the midst of difficult circumstances we can trust that he is for us, that he is still good and there is a bigger story and purpose for what we go through.

Not that it's always easy to make that choice. It's a daily decision. Sometimes we have to willfully make that choice hourly or moment by moment.

This weekend I've been watching archived videos from IF:Gathering in Texas. Many of the bloggers/authors/speakers I follow and read spoke and let me tell you: POWERFUL. I don't know how long the videos will be on the website for free. There are hours, but even if you can just watch a few of the talks I encourage you to do so. I found my soul so fed and heard messages I desperately needed. God is still speaking to me. I still have several hours to watch and I hope I get the chance to.

One of the first segments was an interview with the women from this blog post entitled, The Cheerleader.  April lost her two young sons in a horrific tornado. Just days later these words are recorded.  “I have peace,” she told me last night through her tears, “I know I have more pain to go through that I probably can understand. But I have supernatural peace. I don’t know what God has for me and my husband that our boys couldn’t be here for, but I do know that He is good. His plan is good.” 

Her statement echoes what a dear friend of mine said : "We can't pretend to see His hand, but we are desperately clinging to Him because we know He is the only way through this kind of hurt and pain." We can either run from God or we can run to God.

I love the bridge of Brian and Katie Torwalt's song "I Breathe You In, God."

When I don't understand, I will choose You. When I don't understand I will choose You.

When I don't understand, I will choose to love you God.

Sometimes, all we can do is breathe God in and say I choose You. I choose to trust You. I choose to love You.

The presence of the Living God 
Satisfies the depths of my heart
And all of me I change when you came
And I'm led free by Your glory and grace
And I breathe You in,God
Cause You are there all around me

The kindness of Your love's pure light
Pierces through the darkest of all night
And everything is possible now
For God is here
And God is good

And You are good, God
For You are good to me

And when I don't understand
I will choose You

And when I don't understand
I will choose to love You, God

Its my privilege 
To worship You
To worship

For You are good, God
For You are good to me