Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. I took a rest day today. I had a hard time getting out of bed when the kids got home from school (remember, night shift) and even though another Piyo workout would have been just 30 min and not too strenuous, I decided a rest day was in order. I'm not always good at taking rest days, when it comes to exercise or anything else. I push too hard until I crash. But I'm learning to be nicer to myself, to give myself grace and trust my instincts.

2. One of the hardest things about working night shift is missing my husband and missing sleeping in the same bed as him. We get precious little time together as it is. I find it so comforting to get in bed next to him at night. We aren't big cuddlers in bed, but some part of us--arms, legs etc are always touching when we fall asleep. I can't wait for tomorrow night! (photo circa 2000, our dating era)

3. I love words and stories and I'm a sucker for reading the gazillion articles that get shared on Facebook. While I wish Facebook would create a feed that was JUST status updates and personal photos, I do find some good reads. And I admit, I always share some myself.

Here's a few good reads this week:
Oh to Sit Still: Adventures in Babywearing
This resonates with me so strongly. I just told a friend the other day "I miss the days of being "locked" in the house with little ones just counting down until everyone, including me, could take a nap." I loved having babies and I'm still trying to figure out how to be a good mom to my growing children. The days are constantly on the move and I do miss sitting still, nursing a baby and cuddling my little ones.

You're Never Going to Be Fully Ready: Storyline Blog
Shauna Niequist hits it out of the park again with this post about not waiting for whatever it is you want to do, just jumping in and figuring it out as you go. This applies to so much in life.

"Come At Me Bro" Parenting: Rage Against the Minivan
In my head, this is the type of parenting I do. In reality, I don't do it enough. This is how my parents raised me and my siblings. Our kids need more of this. Because this is life. One of the best parenting analogies I've read equated parents to referees in a basketball game. As parents, we need to call the fouls right away--not just threaten to call them, or warn that "next time you'll get a penalty."

My Body Broken for You: Scissortail Silk
I haven't read this blog before, but I loved this post. Life has a way of changing us but so often we cling to our former self instead of embracing who we are becoming, our scars, our stories, our triumphs. "My goal shouldn’t be to find the “me” that was lost. My goal should be to make friends with the woman that I have become. To embrace her for who she is. Scars and all."

Why Having More Babies Isn't As Crazy as You Think: Loving My Lot
Another first time read, but this echoes my heart and soul. Like I mentioned, mothering growing children doesn't come as naturally to me as mothering my babies. Many women struggle through those early months and years and while I will agree they are hard and exhausting, for me they were so fulfilling and precious. " You realize there are worse things than a long night, and challenges really do pass, and tiny toes don’t stay tiny forever.  You know cribs turn into beds and strollers turn into bikes, and the chubby cheeks making fish faces today will be wearing your makeup tomorrow." 

Tomorrow is Friday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.