Monday, May 11, 2015

my circus, my monkeys

There is a quote that floats around social media stating "not my circus, not my monkeys." Every time I see it, I giggle

Because the circus around me-IS MINE. And the monkeys? Yup, MINE TOO. Many moons ago, I originally called this blog "Three Bean Circus" as a play on our nicknames (Bean & Beana) and our kiddos. 

Bean works for a university library and was able to check out a nice camera for the weekend. We didn't take a load of pics, but it was nice to capture our family with more than an iPhone. We dream of a super nice camera.

Definitely monkeys. I was blessed with THREE bouquets of flowers this Mother's Day. I love flowers but I don't buy them much for myself, nor do I receive them often…ahem, Bean. 

I stopped caring much about perfected posed photos and smiling children YEARS AGO. I want to capture my family in the moment and sometimes they are beautiful happy ones, and other times they don't want to pose and the sun is shining in their eyes. Yes, we still threaten and beg for smiles but there are times---like this one right here--when I say, it's fine, just roll with it. 

This guy. Still makes my heart go pitter patter. I feel so incredibly blessed to be his wife and share this life with him. Yes he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, but it keeps life interesting. Aren't we a cute ad for Spy Sunglasses?

I love my circus, and my monkeys (the big guy included).