Saturday, May 2, 2015

the latest and the greatest

When you haven't blogged in two months, it's hard coming up with a title. And I will confess that my title sounds more exciting than this post may be.

Our computer has been dying a slow death these last few months. A few of the letter keys stopped working and when we took it in they said the cost to fix it wasn't really worth the value of the computer because it could no longer be updated or supported. We bought it a few years old from a friend, for a great price, and it served us well for 8 years.

The temporary fix was to get a USB keyboard. Which was functional, but ever so annoying. I love sitting on the couch with the computer at night and using the keyboard was cumbersome. Plus the battery had lost all it's juice and didn't even last an hour.

Therefore: no blogging. I just couldn't seem to get motivated to blog on my phone and the iPad was usually otherwise engaged.

But we have a new to us computer!!! God blessed us with an amazing hook-up once again. Friends were selling their hardly used Macbook Pro and now it's ours. It's so nice and shiny and has a backlit keyboard.

So once again I'm sitting on the couch, putting words to the screen.

The latest and greatest...

I am about 2/3 done with my nursing new grad residency. This means that I am in training--although a full RN--working clinical shifts with a preceptor and receiving additional education as well. It's kinda like being paid to go to school--which I am okay with! I feel confident with a lot of the basics and now it's just gaining more experience on various procedures and cases we don't see all that often. The program has been great preparation and I know once I complete it I will feel ready to be on my own as an RN. I love it more every day and am so thankful to have a job in pediatrics--being around kids all the time is just great.

There are a few great things about nursing--at least in my opinion--you never stop learning. One because things are always changing and two because unique cases always come through and you gain new skills and knowledge. And because you don't care for every type of patient every day, there are nurses who have been practicing for 10+ years who have questions or need support. It's great to be in a supportive environment where you can ask questions and confirm your decisions with those around you.

I'm working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend--which is a bit of a bummer. But it means we don't have to worry about childcare. BUT I'm off next weekend! Which happens to be Mother's Day as well. I'm excited because the last two Mother's Days I was studying for finals in nursing school--but this year no studying and no work.

I can't believe another school year is about to end for my kiddos. My oldest is graduating 5th grade and will be moving on to middle school next year. YIKES. And my baby will finish kindergarten. This summer is going to be amazing. Because I won't have to make lunches for 2.5 months! And I won't be in school and working just my three 12-hour shifts--so I envision a lot of beach days. We didn't get to go a ton, but they really enjoyed the beach last year and so I know this year will be the same.

Only Miss Rose is playing a sport right now-baseball, and Daddy is a coach. She hit her first home run last month which was AMAZING! She joins the small elite group of girls who have hit home runs on the Majors field in our little league. I am so proud of her. She's a solid player and a great example on the team.

We listen to A LOT of Taylor Swift these days. Gracie and Lily are very into T. Swizzle and love to make up choreography to her songs. "Dance Off " is a popular game between the two of them. Gracie spent several weeks in "jump rope club" at school which was really fun. She learned some fun jump patterns and has a fancy professional jump rope now. Lily just started Heartlight, a dance program. She's been waiting ALL year for an after-school activity she could do as most are for 1st grade and up. Finally this came along and it's right up her ally. She also bravely got her ears pierced last weekend. Anything for fashion, even a poke.

My running has picked up again now that my schedule isn't so crazy. We have trails just a few miles from us but I've always been hesitant to try to navigate them myself. I don't want to get lost and I want to be safe. In the past month I went hiking there with one friend and ran some trails with another friend and am starting to feel comfortable there. I am LOVING trail running. I love the challenge of the terrain (which is actually better for my body) and being in nature. I am pretty driven on the streets to run a particular pace but there is no way to run certain hills and you have to slow at times on trails to navigate rocks so your pace ends up being slower and you really can't control it as much. It causes me to just enjoy the run and not focus so much on pace.

I have some tentative goals for running trails the next few years. I'd love to complete an Ultra trail race around my 40th birthday in two years. Training for trails is much more attractive right now, although I'm sure I will do some road races as well. Another benefit of running trails is you end up faster on the streets. So, I'll take it!

While I am getting more settled in this new season of life, post-nursing school, I am still finding my way at times. I feel like I have no social life (which could be a mom of 3 thing too) and my schedule hasn't allowed me to get more involved in my church. Come July, I will have more control of my schedule and be able to plan around the things I want to do.

Sometimes I am too fixated on the past and reconciling things there. Other days I worry too much about the future. The name of this blog still holds true-- my goal is just to embrace THIS day. Whatever it holds. However it goes. The phrase comes to me often.

Thanks to this new computer, I may be in this little space more often once again.