Monday, July 20, 2015

back to nights

It's known in nursing that you have to put in your time on night shift. It's where most start out. On my particular unit we rotate 8 weeks of nights and 4 weeks of days during our first year of nursing. Nights are typically quieter and the pace is slower. There is no coordination with physical therapy, rarely do we discharge on night shift and there are just less people around overall. And if you're lucky--your patients SLEEP! It's a good shift to find your feet in nursing and get comfortable with routines and common procedures.

Days are often nuts! Our unit has a high turnover and it's not uncommon to discharge and admit multiple patients in one shift. Many days I hardly stop moving and barely have time to think. My first 4 weeks on my own happened to be on days...and thanks to a great supportive unit, I survived!

But now I have made the transition back to nights after being on days for over two months. It's bittersweet. I look forward to things being a little slower. But then there's that whole staying up all night thing. And trying to sleep during the day while the kids are OUT of school. Nights aren't so bad when I can sleep during their school day.

Here's to hoping the transition goes smooth. And most importantly that I find the time to run enough to feel sane each week!