Tuesday, August 11, 2015

monday musings, on a Tuesday

Another night shift post.

It's Monday morning and I have two hours left of my shift. We have a team meeting this morning for work and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stay for two more hours or come in later this week for an alternate meeting time. I think it will be a last minute decision. While I'd like to go home and sleep ASAP, I also don't necessarily want to come back on a day I'm not working.

The good news is my knees are almost totally healed and I can run again. The bad news is I haven't had much opportunity to run since I've been able...and I have a half marathon in a week. A trail race that is known to be particularly difficult. The one thing I have going for me is these are the trails I run frequently so it's familiar territory. I never intended for this to be a goal race, just something I wanted to complete and I have no doubt I will, it just may be a little ugly in the last few miles.

I have the next three nights off before I work two more nights. I feel like I need 5 or 6 nights off to normalize. I've been really tired the past several days and haven't been sleeping great when I'm off at night. I don't know if it's part of my adjustment to nights or if I haven't been taking care of myself well enough. I have a good stretch of days off at the end of the month that I am definitely in need of. I had a week off in February prior to starting my new grad program, so I think I am due for short vacation from work.

Really what I want to do is go sit by a pool in the desert. Which was the plan. Until we realized how expensive it would be to actually get the dog we promised our kids two years ago. (yes we are getting a rescue, but even those aren't cheap). So we gave them the choice--vacation or dog. Guess what they chose? I will be cleaning up rivers of puppy pee instead of floating in a lazy river. All for the kids friends, all for the kids.

However, I do have a trip planned with my best friends in September that involves heat and pools and the hubs and I are going out of town to celebrate our anniversary in October. So more mini-vacations are on the horizon.

So I started this on a Monday...but finishing on a Tuesday. Embrace the day, whatever day it is!

I can't believe the kids start school again in less than a month. In some ways I'm ready, in some ways I'm not. I will miss our slower mornings, but I will enjoy more time to run on the trails again. I've decided that school should start around 9am. For two weeks the kids had to be at VBS at 9am and it was so much more doable than the 7:45am school arrival time. And this year will be even earlier with a middle schooler. With sports and other activities even during the school year, it can be hard to get the kids in bed on time. If only I ruled the world.

Living in Southern California I also think summer vacation should be from July to October. September is often one of our hottest months and June is more mild. The kids often can't even go out to recess several times during the first weeks of school due to heat advisories. So they should just be home and going to the beach instead!

This life is crazy, and fun. Exhausting and rewarding.

Bring it, Wednesday.