Monday, November 2, 2015

mondays and musing

It's Monday. I for one, don't mind Mondays. Because I like routine and rhythm and that is what Monday represents.

It's almost 11am. I have taken my children to school, jogged with the dog, showered (and even washed my hair!), had my coffee (finally) and spent time in God's word.

There are dishes to be done. Dog hair to be vacuumed and countless other household tasks. A trip to Costco probably is necessary. And the husband asked me to get the pressure checked on the tires.

I have just 3 hours before pick-ups begin and the kids hit the house and a semi-organized chaos ensues.

But for me (when I'm not at work) the best Mondays start off with movement and time with Jesus. It sets me up well for the week. Sometimes I'd rather lounge on the couch with a second cup of coffee and recover from the busyness of the weekend (hello Halloween and 3 sports games). But I know on Monday, I need to set the tone for the rest of the week. And it starts with me. Setting the right tone within my soul which prepares me for all that life demands.

These days it seems like it demands a lot. So I must allow the Holy Spirit to pour through me, so that I can pour out what those around me need and what life requires.

I'll confess, I'm not always good at this. I lose my patience and my sanity along with it. I yell at my kids and am less than nice to my husband.

But that's where grace comes in and pours over me and I wake up in the morning to new mercies and a new day.

I hope your Monday has set a good tone for the rest of your week. And if it was a rough Monday, then there is always Tuesday.